DS Crystal Zapper

Frequency Therapy – the next generation.

Diamond Shield Zapper Highly Recommended.

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The Diamond Shield Zapper is an advanced device which uses frequencies and micro-currents to rebalance and restore your body.

You can use it in a comfort of your own home, as a universal frequency treatment, users and therapists reported improved conditions after just few minutes of usage. For people with Lyme and other chronic diseases, the Diamond Shield Zapper offers very useful home supportive therapies.

Diamond Shield Zapper treatments benefits:

  • Alleviates a wide variety of conditions including:
    Emerging colds/flu
    Rheumatic conditions
    Elevated blood pressure
    Chronic infections – Lyme, Bronchitis, bladder infections
    Systematic poisoning
    Insomnia, depressive moods
  • Pain Relief through muscular relaxation: This next generation Zapper is also a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device delivering safe micro current impulses.
  • Detoxify your body – frequencies eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi.
  • Balancing and strengthening the meridians (without needles)
  • Recovery – if the body is not recovering as expected, frequencies remove blocks and bring balance in your body
  • Beneficial for those with limited resources who struggle financially with endless clinic treatments.

If you are already using Frequency Devices or attending a clinic you can continue frequency treatments at home in between visiting your local Bioresonance / FAB clinic

The Diamond Shield Zapper is made in Germany for Mannayan and contains a chip-card slot for advanced and multiple kinds of treatments. It comes in a light but durable lined, case with the zapper, sticky pads, metal wrist bands and belt for use with the Crystal meridian programme. It also works to give impulses through micro currants and also grounds you with a lead to earth. This is essential for any zapper to be fully effective.

The Diamond Shield IE has a pre-programmed and integrated set of 15 standard programs containing the classical frequencies according to Clark, Rife, Beck and Baklayan as well as Zappicator (for charging food and water) and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) programs.

The chip-card driver and cards include the frequencies spectra from every known frequency table. This is new to zappers and makes this a most outstanding and effective personal device.

With your D.S.Zapper you will receive a free copy of Mr Baklayan’s 161 page paperback (Gentle Self-Healing with harmonic waves. A practical manual). This treatment guidebook is based on a lifetime of clinical practice in Chinese medicine, naturopathy, herbs and Bioresonance. Each of the above-mentioned conditions have chapters dedicated to them with directions for Zapper use, herbal and nutrient support and case studies.

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Further information and How the Zapper Works.

The Diamond Shield Frequency Technology is based on the functioning of vibrations as carriers of information. The principle of operation can be illustrated with the example of a soprano singer that can cause a glass that is close to her to break through her singing. Just as the glass breaks, because the tone is exactly corresponding to the frequency of the glass, with frequency technology, the pathogens that are nested in different organs inside the human organism will be debilitated or smashed only by the confrontation with their own frequency. Now your immune system itself can just attack or eliminate the corresponding responsible agent for deceases and complaints. 

The vibration programs of the Diamond Shield devices operate with electrostimulation for both, chronic and acute pain. Even if their impact until today still has not been recognized by academic medicine, the Diamond Shield Technology with its entire range of results is in line with the results of many recent scientific studies.
All the programs of the Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS can be operated by oneself, while an integrated safety mechanism in the device is blocking sudden increases in the flow of electricity.

Personal note from Paulette – I love my Diamond Shield Zapper and carry it everywhere, except when I leave it at home to treat my parents. The preprogramed treatments include the 100 minute ‘meridian flushing’ (Crystal Shield Programme). I use this to boost vitality whilst sitting working on my computer!

Below is a short extract from the 109pg Chip-card booklet. These two pages explain which programmes come already installed in your Diamond Shield Zapper.

Diamond Shield basic programs:

Please note: It has been proven very beneficial if you stay earthed 50 minutes after the end of the program. 

Diamond Shield – The protective shield for your health – 6:02Min. The Diamond Shield is the most important among all integrated programs in the Diamond Shield Zapper IE EMS because it can balance the energy level of all the meridians and therefore negative influences will be harmonized. Only unblocked meridians can maintain the immune system of the body. The Diamond Shield program is recommended for basic preventive treatments and / or prior to the application of subsequent Chip-cards. 

Feel Good – Wellness program – 14 min – Deep release, feel good and sleeping program.
Relaxation program – 8:22 min – Pure relaxation! If the wellness program is not effective for insomnia, quietly try the relaxation program. It is especially important to stay earthed for 50 minutes after the end of the program. 
GS – Similar to the Golden Stream program (forerunner of the Diamond Shield program) – 6:02 min. 
Fl – M – The standard program for influenza infections – 5 min This program for acute complaints can be run 4 up to 5 times in a row to get up until a significant alleviation. In addition, I recommend in acute cases or for prevention to take high-quality natural vitamin C and antioxidants. 
Co-M – Cold program – 8 Min. This program can be used for acute colds and complaints in the sinuses or around the ears daily up to 4 times until a noticeable improvement occurs. In addition. Afterwards very important: stay earthed!
Ba-M – A special Back-Program – 1-8 – 8 Min. 
Pa-M – The pain program by Dr. Rife 13 min.
This program is suitable for all kinds of pain and also helps in wound pain or pain after a radiation therapy. This program alternatively offers an application with adhesive electrodes. 
Bo-M – Borreliosis – Lyme disease – 39 Min 
You should not use this program at the beginning more than once per day with an intensity of 2.2 volts. You can then increase the voltage from day to day for 1 volt until each time you feel a slight tingling sensation. Reduce the voltage the next day when a too strong reaction on the frequency occurs. 
I recommend sensitive users only to let through half program with the first frequencies to get started and the following frequencies gradually. In the case of a chronic illness it is important to take into consideration that a patient with Lyme disease infection often has complex secondary reactions. Lyme infections can also cause autoimmune diseases and auto aggressive diseases. For chronic diseases and their symptoms use the BO-program very carefully and carefully manage its effects.
You can make further treatments using the extensive BO2 chip-card program. 
Additional applications: A Lyme disease is the cause of many neurological, rheumatic or other diseases associated with an immune deficiency. For their treatment the BO-Chip can be extremely helpful
Supportive therapy recommendations: 
– Lyme disease often hides itself within other parasites. Test and treat these pathogens. – On the BO-Chip there are frequencies integrated for all pathogens that may be responsible for the Lyme disease. – Make sure to have a good balance of short treatments and rest days when the body can detox.

BK-blood frequency – 3.92 Hz – 30min.
The program of the BK blood frequency specifically combats blood parasites. The Zapper conducts a current through the wrist bands and into the arteries. For this, attach both bracelets to one arm at a distance of about 10 cm apart. With its 3.92 Hertz the BK- Blood frequency by Dr. Beck lies clearly below the normally used high frequencies and is significantly more effective for this application. Due to its compatibility with theta waves emitted by the brain, it invigorates the resonance system of the body without the provoking of stress. A BK-blood-frequency application should always be perceived as pleasant. Always adjust the intensity so that only a slight tingling sensation is noticeable. 
The direct way of the current in the blood represents the reason for the surprising success of the blood-electrification, at the biologically effective current through the arteries until reaching the organism. The actual current flow alone can put blood parasites within the blood out of action. In this way, electrified blood cells have a longer life. For this reason so many symptoms and health problems be remedied, for their solution no other means can be found. 
Apart from natural detoxification reactions of the body, blood electrification causes no side effects. The Diamond Shield device can be carried on the body during use giving you freedom of movement, thereby you can easy apply the BK blood frequency whilst carrying out every day gentle activities. Using the Beck program, many users have already been able to fulfill their tasks with more freedom and power. To intensify the effect of the blood BK frequency Mr Baklayan recommends you to take silver water and half a teaspoon VegiManna in a glass of water about a quarter of an hour before the application.
7-20-7-20-7 – 33,3KHz 
This basic program includes a universal frequency according to Dr. Hulda Clark.

Constant zapp – 33,3 KHz – 60 Min. The Constant zapp program also includes a universal frequency according to Dr. Hulda Clark and is to be used without a break. 
Zappicator – 1 kHz – 30Min.
It is possible to energize food using the Zappicator. It also helps removes toxins or solvents contained in food or cosmetics. The book ‘The Cure for HIV and AIDS’ by Dr. Hulda Clark contains detailed application recommendations. 
Plate Zapping – 29Hz – 30 Min.
You can use this program for the transmission of frequencies to an external, small metal disk, which when worn in contact with the skin, helps individual organs to be more precisely balanced. 

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