Paulette Agnew Author, Mentor and Motivator, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Health Writer and Coach. She has spoken on TV and radio around the world on health issues.



Paulette Agnew is an Author, Speaker, Health Journalist, Visionary, Catalyst Coach and Inspirational Speaker…

Born in the Lake District, brought up in Scotland. Skied from aged 6 in Scotland and Europe, played for Harris Academy 1st Hockey team, played for Manchester Uni Ladies Squash team. Keen on horses she rode from age 8 in particular loved eventing and rode for her county team.

An advocate of self help skills such as breathing, relaxation, meditation, therapeutic movement, diet and spiritual connection; Paulette has written for various newspapers and magazines in the field of holistic health and wellness. She has organised conferences and international health tours and regularly travels to speak and facilitate at workshops.

Worked with paramilitary, military, police, medical teams along with women’s groups and individuals. Helped NGO staff throughout Africa and USAID and US Embassy staff after the Nairobi bombing whilst living and working in Kenya. She has also led programs in Uganda, S. Sudan (training the priests and nuns who runs the schools for child soldiers), South Africa and throughout Australia. Keen to give back, she helped raise funds and worked first hand at orphanages in Kenya and medical camps in India. A great lover of the environment and mysteries of nature, she has enjoyed many activities and adventures from sea kayaking, walking, driving and riding safaris, to trekking in jungles and even golf where she is a member of St Rules ladies club in St Andrews.


For 30 years spoken to and trained and coached 1:1 business leaders, teams and companies in stress management, peak performance, burnout prevention, personal energy management and balancing 4 areas of life. She is an award winning speaker for Vistage. She is also a trained coach, NLP and Hypnosis practitioner.

Paulette’s interest in science, biochemistry and cellular health has led her to a lifetime exploring firsthand and researching many kinds of informational, frequency, vibrational, holistic and natural forms of medicine.

This journey intensified when she contracted Lyme Disease in Southern Sudan from a mosquito in 2000. Not knowing what she had, but watching her body disintegrate over 10 years, Paulette deepened her search for the best kinds of non-pharmaceutical medicine. Her ailments, over the years included arthritis, knee problems, deepening bouts of chronic fatigue, Candida, women’s issues, day and night fevers, light and noise sensitivity, neurological problems, insomnia, nausea, migraines, digestive problems, gradually culminating in cardiac problems, brain fog and paralysis in her left arm.

She has tried many forms of medicine from acupuncture, herbal, homeopathic, sacro cranial, to Ayurveda in India, Hijama in Dubai, Rife frequency devices and even a medical clairvoyant with Xray vision who finally diagnosed her with Lyme as she could see it in the brain and major nerves and organs! The list is endless and fascinating, each one has its place and benefits.

Luckily she was introduced to a practitioner in Holland who confirmed her diagnosis and treated her with many forms of Frequency and Bioenergetic Medicine (FAB Medicine). He went on to cure her completely without antibiotics. Convinced this is the medicine of the future as we face the ‘rise of the super bug’ and antibiotic resistance globally, Borrelia and co-infection figures already outstripping breast cancer globally, she is now dedicated to sharing this information world wide.

Her work has two functions. Firstly to inform patients and families with Lyme or other diseases about the various self help and clinic possibilities, where to go, what to do and why.

Secondly to inform doctors, health practitioners and therapists about FAB medicine technology, its advantages and how to integrate it into existing clinics, surgeries and practices.

Her life’s aim is to deepen her compassion, forgiveness and humility, whilst sharing universal spiritual knowledge hidden in our everyday experiences. But, if there is a fun adventure to be had, Paulette will be there!